Strata Design is an Albuquerque based, women owned and operated small business that has a place based driven philosophy to design. We have over 20 years of experience in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning in New Mexico, serving public and private entities, ranging from small to large scale projects. We value context: history, climate, culture, people, and the potential a place has to contribute in a positive way to its surroundings. Through our process, we dig deep and get our hands dirty. We take the time to talk to people, we listen, and we use what we have learned to generate solutions that have big impact.

Strata Design finds its strength in using the community participation process to solicit ideas, feedback and even engage in project implementation. We look for ways to get people involved in a hands-on manner and with quick results. We use placemaking and tactical urbanism strategies to actively engage and educate the community. We develop strategies to test ideas in an interactive and engaging way and invite the community to participate in a real time feedback process. We utilize social media, interactive websites and apps as important tools for integrating community input into a strategic and implementable vision.

Michelle Negrette, Principal

Registered Architect (NM #4409), Planner LEED AP
[email protected]

Michelle is a registered architect and planner who has worked on dozens of redevelopment projects, neighborhood plans, and architecture projects in New Mexico. She brings a wealth of experience to both design and feasibility aspects for larger scale site development projects.

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